Wait by M83

It reminds me too much of my life and my dreams with you, A. Too much that I could forget them in one day… You was like my Sun system, Cosmos, Universe, the reason why I move in this Earth. You broke me in pieces in the same brutal way as you pick me up just with your fabulous coldness.
I want but I can not forget one trip, one wish, one night, one dream, my dream and my wish. It was perfect to drive with you in black dark night listened music of M83, I was like a soul and wanted to be as light all my life. I was sure, I was myself, but you… I do not have any idea what happened that moment in your head. Did you dream about the starts? Did you count way stripes? Did you think about me???

And now, after maybe more than two years you are still in me as very important memory of this unhappy love story, without any love at all in it just my dreams and wishes absolutely sometimes I think that I just dreamed everything…


Check it out, you must do this: Vilnius Fine art academy Kaunas Facultaty ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS life

Author Goda Juskeviciute

Fantastic video, which was created by my friend Goda.
Video shows architecture students life, winners, loosers, funny moments, jokes, hard work and shines and reflects good emotion at VDA KF.

My friend I spin at the last episode:))