The Peach-music

I am not sure have you remembered that I wrote some lyrics and play piano, I am not good at this but I am ready and I want to show my music, share my music with others. I am dreaming about the opportunity to play in one Kaunas cafe, where I am feeling like at home and could put my glass of wine on the piano and play… on my own in my soul, from my soul and touch somebody’s else soul’s stings.

The lyrics is here:

The music is here:

Please write down some your opinions and I am sorry for quite bad quality but I hope I will solve this recording problem as fast as I could.

Pomolio piano



The Peach (lyrcis)

You called me a peach

That time

You called me the peach

I don’t know why…

You said that near the wall, where you standing that day.

You spent time with me, with me

However, you wanted to be with my friend.

Oh, dear…

I was so silly.

Now I stood that.

You asked me go out,

When she didn’t have time to do it.

You drove me to my home.

I was sitting near your house.

You called me a peach

That time

You called me the peach

But why?

And I wanted to share my thoughts

And I wanted to share my worries with you

I wanted to share my love…

You didn’t let me to drink

But I drank, I didn’t listen you

cause I wanted to be more free

That you felt more comfortable with me.

You called me  damn peach

Oh, why?

You called me the peach

But why?

You spent time with me for why?

You called me damn peach

Oh, why?

You called me a peach.

Oh, why.

I stood that everything was not a true

A lot things were just in my mind, my mind

But maybe its not a truth

and you are lier

I think I know the truth

you like me too.

You called me a peach

That time

You called me a peach

I don’t know why

I’m sorry for that

But maybe you are a bad man

I am not your peach





The Peach

Yesterday, for really, I should say that before a week, in short time I played with piano and just like a game created some accords. Later some words. And yesterday, I wrote or played something like a song, named Peach.

Probably nothing new, just life, love and emotion and it is still a question why he have called me the peach. Whatever…

I see that I write the song in very strange moment of my life when I am too busy for real to do it, when I have not any feelings of anything but I would like to have some of them, then I am too tired to be happy, but not enough tired to get rest and it looks like I am sleeping near or with my piano and it, I should say, is a quite big thing and then… I start to play some silly sounds, later they catch me and hold me till I write the words. That melody plays in my head till the headache syndrome and just after one or two weeks it lets me to go but when I am not sure where I  have to go and still be with it in my head and as it is possible to play it everywhere and change it, every time I play it in different way. I can play one song all day and it is like killing process, I have to say.  However, after that I feel empty and when I started to think about new one but… it does not come as easy as I would like. I should say that to make architecture is easier or collage or something. But to write the song… for me it is very difficult in emotional way cause the song gets the piece of me probably bigger piece than I give for my architecture or whatever I do.

I have to say, maybe I will say, thank you for this song to Tom Odell. He inspired me to write it.

But story, it is the past. I hope it will be the past forever.

I think I will make the sound vid and post it and photo collage of that emotion. It will be something for what now I will be living. All creating processes catch me till madness and I love it but my nearest do not like it.