No more apologies

Oh, Holidays…

I was waiting you so much that when you crossed my door step I grabbed you in my embrace and hold till that night when I hold somebody else. After that I changed my mind about a lot of things what is happening around me especially about myself and my life.

It is strange but now I feel more free and more me.

I do not know why people forget you why they say sorry without any reasons, why want to apologise if they did not do anything bad. But they are people. They are men. British men. Eh… I am always like this.


When I danced you looked at me

Touched my dress and piece of skin

Wanted me, probably I saw but ignored it.

Let’s go out for a walk,-

We walked, ran and lied in the grass.

I felt my t-shirts was full of sand

Time stopped when you started to kiss my neck…


4 am. Time to go home

We are both in the elevator

our faces look silly in this light

but we remembered that night.

4 am. Time to go home

We are both in the elevator

our faces look silly in this light

but we remembered that night.

I did not feel any shame or regret

so why you always just apologise, man.

I wanted to kiss you and stop that

You will find another girl

And You won’t be too shy to dance with her.

Bey and please no more comments.

Our ways will be crossed just by the Internet yarns

So goodbye and no more apologies.







My time is crazy now. 40 hours without sleep and then sleep two times a day and now is 3:24 a.m. and I am still alive.

A head is fulled of difficult thoughts, dreams, opinions and others talking. Yes, I still listen what others say, I know, I should not do this but I hope they want me just good things.

And I know that he will sing to me when is looking in my eyes, talking about lovely, important and world news things, joking with me, let me be more confidence and do everyday the sport… I try but I am sure, with him, it will be easier because it would be very nice to see how he takes the control and say to me one two three… more abs… and so on or dear, you can, I know you can, please more one. After this together cooking something and then go to works. We work at different places, sometimes lands but it does not matter. I always know that my man could make the best decisions on his own and if he need to travel it is okay, sad but ok. I respect what he does as he respects my work, we both are talented but in different kinds and it is amazing. I love what he does and how he interested in my mother tongue language, He is so fast learning. He is my best friend, of course, I have some girl-friends but he is the best.

Time to dream at the world of the dreams…

sweet dreams, good night.

I always with ya.Image

Love my man

The sea gates are open, come in my life