Where is my life going?

Today have had really hard day. No, it was not hard like I had heavy works, no, I have had to make one but really important decision about maybe further my year and about my career and bout my life too. What do I want to do? Who am I? What is my plan of this life? Of this year? Of the period of two years? and so…

I got too much opportunities to choose one or another work. Yes, I go to the different offices and their headmasters talk with me and ask me, that I will come in their office and be their architect assistant or something like this.

I think the decision is made. Now probably I sold my work just for good money in little bit maybe boring job. But I want to leave my parents house and start to life on my own. I am not a child anymore, I am 24 y.o. adult person.



1. What do I want to do in my life?  I want to be happy, feel happiness around me, live my life not others, be strong. I want to be created person, who has a lot of different jobs and one of them are an architecture, because it is my love no. uno.

2. Who am I? I am a f*ckin’ dreamer, extravert person, who has a lot of plans, but they are little bit too much near the clouds. I walk on the ground but always be somewhere else. Sometimes it is my meditation places, sometimes scene from movies, what caught me and I am still like stupid actress in her cage. I am young and in that case I make not clever or smart choices, especially about the love. I keep piece of myself in music. Still one small detail of my brain lets me believe that I can sing and play by piano and I should try this more and more or be an artist and make collage exposition. Logical part says that I should be great architect office owner but now I need to make more more more and more practice at it.

3. What is my plan for this life? I am still searching it. However, one piece of me believe that is teaching other and help them, make them to believe in themselves as I try to do it all the time.

4. What is my plan for this year? To find or create myself as I always wanted to be. To become a woman, strong and self confident woman with passion for life. To start for working and make my own money.

5. What is my plan for period of two years? 1. It is start to study Philosophy Doctoral studies at Architecture and find really interesting theme for this. Try to be part of my Academy and be the tutor. 2. Be happy woman and see some more clearly that I could be the family person. Be founded by love.

Sorry, I think it is interesting to read someone’s thoughts but I really need to write them down. Now I know. Some silly question can make situation more clearly and they can help me to concentrate my power and energy to the right sides. Maybe it is the same to you too. If yes, I would like to read your questions or some suggestions, how you fix yourself in such a hard situation… where is my life going?


Good night,