To touch, to feel and make pleasure of it,

Not to believe in limits.

To taste your light in the dark

To share the world

To separate and connect.

To come back after leaving

To understand after waking up

That you are still here,

Darling, be near my heart.

To explore the New Land by my hands

Try to occupate it and leave there myself.

To give you my life, my stories, myself

All calm moods and piece of laughs.

To explore and let you to feel them.

My land is a new land.

I am happy that you shine so bright.


To run into fear

I am not a runner
I can not run away from myself
First and I hope the last time
I run into yourself.
I push the accelerator
And cross all red lights
I fell from the hill
I am scared, I wanna break down.
You’ll collect me from pieces
Touch me by soft fingers
Separate me from my fears
By piece of bitter sweet.
And everything will be again…
The finish is mystery for both
Question: ‘Does God know it?’
Question: ‘Does it important?’
The soul gets easy when I am at home
All dragons of fears are sleeping
However, questions get alive in my dreams
But answers are still unknown.