Christmas cards and greetings — Do it on your own (+photo)

1. You need to find some interesting scraps or your old paintings or what ever, what you want. I found some my old paintings.

2. Use scissors and a glass. Put the glass on the best pieces from your scraps and cut them by scissors.

3. Prepare nice colours and textures paper. Choose forms what you like.

4. You need some glue. But your round scraps cut on the card paper. Little bit wait:)

5. Use golden, silver, bronze or different spry colours. You need the same glass or jar cover as I used:). Later you will have probably the most beautiful jar’s cover:))

6. Be careful with spry colours and before cover all valuable things, because later to do it will be too late:>

7. Leave them little bit or use hair dryer for quicker result.

8. Now you can draw with pencils, pens or different types of colours. You will get various colours from the same one

Happy New year!

Happy New Year for everybody


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