I forgot it again

You were a child for a while later become the person, who thinks that he/she is an adult or adult enough to be adult… Confusing but it is true. If you think that you are an adult, then probably you are in other cases, you still something between child and adult person in your deep and maybe too long goes on teenager period. I am stacked in that teenager’s period. I am not teenager any more but I can not say that I feel I am enough adult to be one of them too. At work I am architect I talk with clients and they think I know everything… silly because I still study small and big details of that subject – architecture. At parties I am not adult enough too because I get drunk very fast, I dance too much. I can drink just a black coffee and usually just without sugar, maybe it is  the most adult thing what I am doing. Yes, I am working, driving, buying food and do some more stuff but I live my life and I live it not in adult role.

Today I am feeling that with my 25th birthday I changed myself little bit. I forget again as this year some my lovable singers, actors, actresses and artist birthday. I could not say nothing any where. No post in twitter or facebook… what would not be difficult to do.

Yesterday Tom Peter Odell celebrated his 24th birthday. I love his music, his blond hair, British accent and that messy way as he do everything and that creativity way and crazy style as he play his songs. I did my Master Diploma work with this talented young man’s music.  Also I missed Theo Hutchcraft b-day too… Daniel Radcliffe… Emma Watson… and some more.

Before some years I sent them cards, posters, created songs and believed that one day I will talk with them alive. I still believe but I do not send anything anymore. I planed because I just want to know or believe that my artwork hangs on the wall and one time he/she watched at it.

Am I silly? Yes, I know. But I still believe that I am not an adult so I still can be whatever I want.

I hope Tom had a great birthday and easy morning…