Thanks for everything

This evening is really unique and awesome in many different ways. First of all I am on holidays or in a gap week I know that next Monday I will start my career at the new architects office, it will be 4th office where I have worked . Anyway, I know that this fabulous freedom week is given to me for feeling that life loves me and my six years period circle looks little bit different.

I am drinking the natural mint tea, it was grown by my mum in our garden. Delicious… Also I found some lovely bubble lamps, I have not remembered when they were bought, probably 10 or 12 years ago when nobody thought that it will be such a pop thing:) They are really amazing and get enough light.

However, everything, I talk about my happiness started then I did something, what I have not done before. And now I can say that if you want to feel new things, try to do something in new way, in different way, I do not… After story I got back my happiness, it was the best gift from the sky. And then you are happy you show your happiness you feel like fall in love when the universe or God or sky etc gives you more gifts more lovely moments in your life. It happened to me too. After that Wednesday, I got the new ,,life” on Thursday. I met my friend with his friends and it was really nice moment, I was calm and happy, he makes me feel like it. Also I knew that I got the new job and my bosses asked me really difficult question and I did not know answers. Would you know? ‘Tell us about your plans in 5 years period?’ What do you think to do this year?’ Do you have any plans?’  and so on… I still have not got any answers in them. I live now day and I won’t know what I will do the next week. But I am sure that it will be nice journey and everything will be alright.

Best luck to all of you and remember if have positive thoughts, you spread the right light and the universe gives you much more than you thought you should get.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for everything

  1. It’s true, you canexperience new things by doing the same thing ina different way. I figured that out too, lately. I started drawing again and by being really committed and showing my art in public motivates me and inspires me at the same time.
    I don’t know, if that makes any sense, but what I’m trying to say is that I feel I’m at the same point somehow.. Redirecting my life and creating new oprtunities for myself. Another life circle is closed and a new one opens! 🙂

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