Before 6 years and now again

Life is a circle but I have not thought that circle is so small in my case. I changed my life, I thought… I also thought that I learned all my that period lessons but… Now I can not lie for myself, I repeat my life as I lived it before 6 years. Okay, now the tasks are little bit different but situation and people and places everything is the same. Yes, different names, stories, faces but the fact is the same.


Before 6 years I wrote messages through facebook to my friend with who I am working now. It was silly because he ignored me but later suggested to work with him. I agreed and he let me believe that I can make collages and some graphic design. Now I met the same kind man. He is interesting and has something very catchy and I think I can help him or work with him or I do not know… I just wanted to meet him but all my conversations are so lame, weird, about nothing but together about our interests in some kind. It was and it is again. The answer and writing style, gash… Check!

Before 6 years I had a lot worries about my future because I had to choose the university and subject, profession. Now is the same. I have profession, I finished university but I am searching a job and try to put myself in that role for a while. I am motivated but together very lost in myself as I was before 6 years. I am not sure what I want to do in this life. Check!

I felt this again… Everything looked nice and I really liked that person but something like a lighting and I just froze  in my own life. It cost me so much but I can not lie for myself as I did before 4 years. Maybe I understood that lesson? I hope so.

And some things more…

One of them that after 6 years I have met person, who was in my life important before 6 years too. The same feeling, the same situation and I do not know… everything is the same, we talk, walk and it looks like as we know each other for years and last our meeting was yesterday.

Last week was important in my life and this week keeps that beautiful tradition to kill me softly, haha

I wanted to think that is just fortuity but I think that is the possibility to study situations and will not make the same mistakes as they were made before 6  years. Just one question… what mistakes and how to close that circle.


3 thoughts on “Before 6 years and now again

  1. Nietzsche among others, talks about the eternal return, and a cyclical notion of time; I don’t completely agree, or partly; I guess we follow a thread, that offers a sense of continuity in our lives, but there are also possibilities to change; I understand what you mean, I have a lot of issues unresolved, in all aspects of life; Still, the fact that 6 years later you are on the path you have chosen, it means threre might have been something valuable there, even if there are also things to change; All the best!

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