I felt this again and I am scared now

Today I have the unique opportunity to talk with https://dragdis.com this product CEO. And that amazing young man is really young. He is younger than me. I started to think that God, I am not a kid anymore but still think in some situation as a child. Am I motivated to be person with great future, great my future? Yes, I do a lot of things but… I am working in the job what I do not like, I do a lot stuffs without any salary because I can not take the money from what I do… I think so, or maybe I am wrong.

I have a lot of plans, dreams, fairies… pink and purple worries. But… life is going so fast and I. Sometimes it looks like I just stand in one place and watch like a movie that my life goes and says to me you missed this, dear… and this too. Oh,it is your dream house, oops sorry it is not for your nose.

Two times in my life I felt this *ucking feeling and both times from men. They are very smart handsome and charismatic. They have what I probably do not have. They have the passion of risk…


Here is my new song http://youtu.be/3zKRdM9YPv0  maybe you like it and I will feel that and will be happy.

This music was written to this poem https://pomolio.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/3-am/

One thought on “I felt this again and I am scared now

  1. Hello Pomolio! Reading your thoughts took me back in time. Just a few years ago I was facing the same unpleasant feelings and it took me lots of work with myself to overcome this and believe in me.
    I am currently reading this amazing book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. You should totally read it! The woman knows exactly what she’s talking about and she provides a hell lot of exercises you can do to heal your self from unreal and negative beliefs. I’m only in second week and I can see the difference! 🙂

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