Thanks for everything

This evening is really unique and awesome in many different ways. First of all I am on holidays or in a gap week I know that next Monday I will start my career at the new architects office, it will be 4th office where I have worked . Anyway, I know that this fabulous freedom week is given to me for feeling that life loves me and my six years period circle looks little bit different.

I am drinking the natural mint tea, it was grown by my mum in our garden. Delicious… Also I found some lovely bubble lamps, I have not remembered when they were bought, probably 10 or 12 years ago when nobody thought that it will be such a pop thing:) They are really amazing and get enough light.

However, everything, I talk about my happiness started then I did something, what I have not done before. And now I can say that if you want to feel new things, try to do something in new way, in different way, I do not… After story I got back my happiness, it was the best gift from the sky. And then you are happy you show your happiness you feel like fall in love when the universe or God or sky etc gives you more gifts more lovely moments in your life. It happened to me too. After that Wednesday, I got the new ,,life” on Thursday. I met my friend with his friends and it was really nice moment, I was calm and happy, he makes me feel like it. Also I knew that I got the new job and my bosses asked me really difficult question and I did not know answers. Would you know? ‘Tell us about your plans in 5 years period?’ What do you think to do this year?’ Do you have any plans?’  and so on… I still have not got any answers in them. I live now day and I won’t know what I will do the next week. But I am sure that it will be nice journey and everything will be alright.

Best luck to all of you and remember if have positive thoughts, you spread the right light and the universe gives you much more than you thought you should get.


Before 6 years and now again

Life is a circle but I have not thought that circle is so small in my case. I changed my life, I thought… I also thought that I learned all my that period lessons but… Now I can not lie for myself, I repeat my life as I lived it before 6 years. Okay, now the tasks are little bit different but situation and people and places everything is the same. Yes, different names, stories, faces but the fact is the same.


Before 6 years I wrote messages through facebook to my friend with who I am working now. It was silly because he ignored me but later suggested to work with him. I agreed and he let me believe that I can make collages and some graphic design. Now I met the same kind man. He is interesting and has something very catchy and I think I can help him or work with him or I do not know… I just wanted to meet him but all my conversations are so lame, weird, about nothing but together about our interests in some kind. It was and it is again. The answer and writing style, gash… Check!

Before 6 years I had a lot worries about my future because I had to choose the university and subject, profession. Now is the same. I have profession, I finished university but I am searching a job and try to put myself in that role for a while. I am motivated but together very lost in myself as I was before 6 years. I am not sure what I want to do in this life. Check!

I felt this again… Everything looked nice and I really liked that person but something like a lighting and I just froze  in my own life. It cost me so much but I can not lie for myself as I did before 4 years. Maybe I understood that lesson? I hope so.

And some things more…

One of them that after 6 years I have met person, who was in my life important before 6 years too. The same feeling, the same situation and I do not know… everything is the same, we talk, walk and it looks like as we know each other for years and last our meeting was yesterday.

Last week was important in my life and this week keeps that beautiful tradition to kill me softly, haha

I wanted to think that is just fortuity but I think that is the possibility to study situations and will not make the same mistakes as they were made before 6  years. Just one question… what mistakes and how to close that circle.

I felt this again and I am scared now

Today I have the unique opportunity to talk with this product CEO. And that amazing young man is really young. He is younger than me. I started to think that God, I am not a kid anymore but still think in some situation as a child. Am I motivated to be person with great future, great my future? Yes, I do a lot of things but… I am working in the job what I do not like, I do a lot stuffs without any salary because I can not take the money from what I do… I think so, or maybe I am wrong.

I have a lot of plans, dreams, fairies… pink and purple worries. But… life is going so fast and I. Sometimes it looks like I just stand in one place and watch like a movie that my life goes and says to me you missed this, dear… and this too. Oh,it is your dream house, oops sorry it is not for your nose.

Two times in my life I felt this *ucking feeling and both times from men. They are very smart handsome and charismatic. They have what I probably do not have. They have the passion of risk…


Here is my new song  maybe you like it and I will feel that and will be happy.

This music was written to this poem

The Peach-music

I am not sure have you remembered that I wrote some lyrics and play piano, I am not good at this but I am ready and I want to show my music, share my music with others. I am dreaming about the opportunity to play in one Kaunas cafe, where I am feeling like at home and could put my glass of wine on the piano and play… on my own in my soul, from my soul and touch somebody’s else soul’s stings.

The lyrics is here:

The music is here:

Please write down some your opinions and I am sorry for quite bad quality but I hope I will solve this recording problem as fast as I could.

Pomolio piano



I can not call it in different name than Satori, it was something when I just watched in my life and saw it from outside like somebody else. Yes, and then you look in your life through the distant you see that all your ,,worries” are too small for tears, sad mood, losing friends or annoying your dearest and nearest. It happened in the dream when I was sleeping. I said the sentence loud in the dream and after that I woke up and sat in my bed and said it loud in real life too. In my case it was: ‘ I need to go out of that job’ and it was the Wake Up moment. Something changed at first the dream later minds.

Last week I got the email from headmaster of office where I had great time and the internship period in Stockholm, a year ago. I got the message that this office won the FIRST PRISE in Finland, Urban planning Contest. I did small small part of this project too but I had no idea that they will include me, because in Lithuania it will be never happens, how sad it sounds but it is true… However, Mandaworks and Hosper Sweden gave me the name in architectural and urban planning websites:D here some links:

I am so happy and thankful them for it because it is more than just it. I hope it helps me for searching a new job, maybe Stockholm will be my home again.



1. Ask people the help in difficult situation but just you have to make the final decision, every person sees the same situation from the different angle, sometimes or always is very import to  know those angles.

2. Never listen people if they talk without a normal feedback, probably they just jealous, what means that you do something really great.

3. Love yourself and believe in yourself.

4. Do not be jealous. You are unique as everybody else too. If you think you could do it better, try it and do it. But do not be jealous it bad for your heart and stomach.

                                                       and some more but maybe next time.



By the way, satori happened me in my dream when I was sleeping. I wake up from my loud said word and sat in my bed and just said it again it loud. In my case it was: ,,I need to go out of that job”. That’s all. Life goes just I stand in my confusing mood and wavy young period way.

I wish you to feel that satori or wake up and write down some stories about it and share with me,

if you just find some time to do it.

I hope everything is alright in your ways.


P.S. If you know anybody who searchs the architect in their office, let me know it too.