My Love -Tom Odell’s Music

I have made this playlist before some months ago. I really love Tom Odell’s music, his playing style, singing, voice and of course, he is a very charming young man. I am quite weak in this field, I am sorry.

If you like his music, listen, it is not the most popular his songs, probably, some of them are new or too old, I do not know that. But it is a great music.

Feeling of Tom Odell music -- cold but mine

I know that he is very popular now, so what feelings does he make for you?

For me it was and is my music when I take the shower, drive by my car, clean my room, drink the vine and feel sad… It takes me power and believe that I can, I do not know why. I finished with this music my Master Diploma work and tried to forget my A. That person (Tom Odell) creates the music but does not have no idea that his music makes magical things with their listeners…

Thanks for him and his band.






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