I have forgotten

Today it is a strange day in my life. Why? I have forgotten Daniel’s Radcliffe birthday. Today is 23th of July and just before one year this day means much more than this year and what I can say about some years in past when in my teenager period that means mostly my life. Ok, maybe little bit too strong but it means to me a lot. And today I’ve just forgotten it.

No pain or tears

just normal day

without any worries that somewhere D.R. has his party but I am here, in my town, why…

just normal working day and emotion

Does it mean that I am getting older?

Doesn’t mean that I love him? As it was before some years…

No letters, no drawings, no plans or regretting

just me and my thoughts

I am alone and today he is one year older than me… Till August 12th.


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