Busy busy busy.. bzzzzz

I’m a bee, I’m a bee… working bee

I thought it would be easier, haha… naive thoughts.

I am sorry that I have not got enough free time for blogging. I think a lot about my choices: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I work at one job with technical and detail drawings and Thursday and Friday I work at very young and nice architects collective, where I have creative tasks as architecture competitions and more other stuff. I love this but it is pretty hard.

I start to run again, God, I love those moments when your both legs are up in the air and a small piece of sec you are feeling like the bird ready for fly. 2-3 km… not much but it isΒ  enough for great mood and painy legs:D

After some nice comments from friends about my music I am ready to show it little bit more in public but I won’t be the singer, I sing and create music just for myself and my future love, which I have not known yet… You could find me in myspace webpage. I will write about it more, when it will be ready for showing.

I wish the best best luck to all of you

By the way, a new my collage, this one was made on the yellow envelope

Triangle and Presley, Paper Collage

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5 thoughts on “Busy busy busy.. bzzzzz

      • Yeah, and I saw you designed the “2014 Planning Workbook”, and weekly planning for Let’s Sunbox! That’s amazing! I started using them! I’m in week 3 now! They ‘re really useful and I love the design! It’s happy and playful πŸ™‚
        Did you designed the blog as well?

      • Oh it is so nice that you notice it:) Yes, I am working near the webpage design mostly all visual material is created by me, I am not pro at it but it is like playing and I like it:)

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