Time runs so fast or old and new promises for myself

Time runs so fast. It looks like just yesterday the summer was just started and now is the end of July and I feel strong passion to share, what I have done from my list and what happens now, what is important now or in other words – make the new list. It is quite easy when I am drinking mint tea and listening perfect evening jazz such soft and pure…


Ok, let’s start from beginning…

1.  To Celebrate and be happy whatever mark I will get form my diploma; with friends all night be out and be happy, full of laugh and without any worries. That evening, night or maybe the morning will be just for us (my groupmates and me).

It was exactly like it. I was very happy, of course, I got really great mark and not bad comments about my work. And my groupmates and I had I think really nice evening and we repeated everything  after Diploma celebration too. Crazy time and you just walk in and out of different clubs, pubs and dance, drink some shots and yell and I must say that everything will be boring or just Friday parting if not fabulous groupmates  – friends. So I did it:)

2. To Play piano as I wanted and nobody stops me.

I play piano as I can. My job and my family stop me but I play and feel pleasure in my soul. 

3. To Make the collage journal for me, for T.O. or maybe for gallery if I found the inspiration to do it.

I have not done this. But I am sure that I will do it. Little bit later

4. To Travel to Stockholm at first, later to London and visit my friends.

Now it looks like a far far dream. I started to work and my boss has not given me the holidays and also I have to go to Venice in Biennial of Architecture but after that, maybe. I really miss Stockholm and people, nice evening talking, long walking and that stupid love.

5. To Repair my bike.

I need to do it but still any results… shame on me.

6. To Sell my car.

Done it and I am very happy for it.

7. To Love someone.

Nope… but maybe it is better than worse. In another case, I always love someone but they do not love me… nevermind…

8. To Get the internship at the architect’s office and think about the PhD, hr…

I am planing to study at KTH in Stockholm so next year I will apply all documents and bless God:> In another case, two universities suggest me study Doctoral studies here, in home city, in Lithuania…

Conclusion, plan was not done till the end of July but life is interesting and a lot of things happened in that period and I am happy for it.

I really recommend you to make your our list and just watch, how your life gives you more activities than you planed and also gives more opportunities and your list looks little bit out of date but that feeling when you done one pint of the list – that means a lot. It is fun, and it is life.

Mano nuotrauka 2purple shoes

Believe that dreams or lists come true and it will happens. No more pressure on my life, it flows on the best way. ALWAYS!


My Love -Tom Odell’s Music

I have made this playlist before some months ago. I really love Tom Odell’s music, his playing style, singing, voice and of course, he is a very charming young man. I am quite weak in this field, I am sorry.

If you like his music, listen, it is not the most popular his songs, probably, some of them are new or too old, I do not know that. But it is a great music.


Feeling of Tom Odell music -- cold but mine

I know that he is very popular now, so what feelings does he make for you?

For me it was and is my music when I take the shower, drive by my car, clean my room, drink the vine and feel sad… It takes me power and believe that I can, I do not know why. I finished with this music my Master Diploma work and tried to forget my A. That person (Tom Odell) creates the music but does not have no idea that his music makes magical things with their listeners…

Thanks for him and his band.





I have forgotten

Today it is a strange day in my life. Why? I have forgotten Daniel’s Radcliffe birthday. Today is 23th of July and just before one year this day means much more than this year and what I can say about some years in past when in my teenager period that means mostly my life. Ok, maybe little bit too strong but it means to me a lot. And today I’ve just forgotten it.

No pain or tears

just normal day

without any worries that somewhere D.R. has his party but I am here, in my town, why…

just normal working day and emotion

Does it mean that I am getting older?

Doesn’t mean that I love him? As it was before some years…

No letters, no drawings, no plans or regretting

just me and my thoughts

I am alone and today he is one year older than me… Till August 12th.


time runs so fast

i probably will forget you and our past

some details always say it was nice

however, a yellow letter and your words

did not work in that side.

Nobody can change that feeling

nobody can change your place in me

but I won’t let you

to play with me again.


I wanted to feel your hands

tried to be smarter and funnier than I am

but nobody could change my mistakes,

or fixed your life

we had to be true first with ourselves.








Busy busy busy.. bzzzzz

I’m a bee, I’m a bee… working bee

I thought it would be easier, haha… naive thoughts.

I am sorry that I have not got enough free time for blogging. I think a lot about my choices: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I work at one job with technical and detail drawings and Thursday and Friday I work at very young and nice architects collective, where I have creative tasks as architecture competitions and more other stuff. I love this but it is pretty hard.

I start to run again, God, I love those moments when your both legs are up in the air and a small piece of sec you are feeling like the bird ready for fly. 2-3 km… not much but it is  enough for great mood and painy legs:D

After some nice comments from friends about my music I am ready to show it little bit more in public but I won’t be the singer, I sing and create music just for myself and my future love, which I have not known yet… You could find me in myspace webpage. I will write about it more, when it will be ready for showing.

I wish the best best luck to all of you

By the way, a new my collage, this one was made on the yellow envelope

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Triangle and Presley, Paper Collage

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