In every hard moment in my life I find the right music, which keeps me and let me feel more brave or more lovable of someone. Now is the period of Tom Odell’s music. It makes me more productive in my Master studies process, because now I am finishing diploma project and feel little, what I can say, little bit like loser.

It takes so much time to make some plans, sections, play with Photoshop for better view and so one. I love it but it is little bit too hard now. Too fast and too scary that everything could be done in wrong way. I am not that person, who is perfect all the time but in my work… sometimes I do too much, put in it too much of myself, my nights, thoughts, health and later, when everything is finished I do not anything. Just empty and tired body with feeling that you could do it better.

Every time I am not happy for my work. but try to be glad that everything is finished, however, that killing process, when you lose your nights’ sleep for two weeks, you can not eat, you just drink  cups of tea or coffee and sometimes forget to change your t-shirts… Gash, that time is like a drug. The feeling probably is the same – always dizzy, too tired to be nervous, little bit shake and laugh without any reasons as you cry without any reason too.

Yep, and then everything looks like a piece of *hit I just listen the music. And Tom Odell’s voice, piano accords, music waves and emotion of all that ocean of the sounds it can keep me more relaxed, more focus and more me than just stress and coffee.

Please wish me  the luck, because after two weeks I will have presentation and till that day I am having still a lot of work for doing.


And I can not leave this post without Tom Odell’s music


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