Promise for myself

When everything will be finished, I talked about my Architecture Master diploma project, eh… I am waiting it so much. Well, after all my studies I will promise to do some things:

1. To Celebrate and be happy whatever mark I will get form my diploma; with friends all night be out and be happy, full of laugh and without any worries. That evening, night or maybe the morning will be just for us (my groupmates and me).

2. To Play piano as I wanted and nobody stops me.

3. To Make the collage journal for me, for T.O. or maybe for gallery if I found the inspiration to do it.

4. To Travel to Stockholm at first, later to London and visit my friends.

5. To Repair my bike.

6. To Sell my car.

7. To Love someone.

8. To Get the internship at the architect’s office and think about the PhD, hr…

Plan should be done till the end of July.Image


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