Hejdå, Stockholm

It was a journey short journey what changed my life. Where I am now, in Lithuania, I feel like this is just a stop and my real life must be in Stockholm.

To say goodbye to Stockholm cost me so much. Especially nice moments with R. I really like him, it is sad that I was too short. His eyes… yes… so beautiful eyes in them you still can see the kid eyes. I like it so much, very nice smile and speaking tone. yep. everything little bit or somethings quite a lot amaze me in him. I am so angry on me that I was too shy and waited too long but.

I can not change the past but I can create the future.

Monday was such a nice and heavy day. To see all people what I like so much and say them that it is the end… maybe it is just the beginning, my new life project.  I also had a fantastic very calm and inspiring evening with classical music of Carl Nielsen (Denmark compositor)  and what a sweet tea with my friend A. Her cake, mine sandwich with salmon, I really like salmon especially with some tomatoes… hmmm. And after that 2 hours for packing my stuff .

I am at home and I miss a lot of things what I had yesterday and in last three months.

It is just a stop.

I want to be with him. sorry.

Stockholm, Skogskyrkogården, pomolio 2013Stockholm, Skogskyrkogården, pomolio 2013Stockholm, Skogskyrkogården, pomolio 2013

My love is my Swedish Stockholm


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