Easter Sunday

Time runs so fast…

Lithuanian Easter with real eggs.

It has started about 8 o’clock of morning but I have felt this around 2 am last night too. It is the same special and magical feeling, feeling what you can not mix with nothing else, like waiting Christmas. Maybe I have felt that for snow outside, yes, Lithuanian Easter is with snow today. Some people have rolled the snow men, children played the snow war. Yes, the same as they did it at Christmas time.

What do you feel when the Easter comes?

I can not understand why my family looks so unhappy in this time. All that meal making and sitting together, I think it is the best way to be together cause we do not spend a lot of time like this. My grandparents, I love them and I think every minute when I can see them is valuable. I have just written this and came back in my family life.

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone… Be happy with your nearest and dearest, love them and believe that you are not alone. The spring is coming and the heart is singing and do not say nothing about the snow.

P.S. Sometimes I find that I need to know more… some quotes about us, us like persons with our special psychological feelings.


Good luck!


ImageHappy Easter to everyone!


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