Easter Sunday

Time runs so fast…

Lithuanian Easter with real eggs.

It has started about 8 o’clock of morning but I have felt this around 2 am last night too. It is the same special and magical feeling, feeling what you can not mix with nothing else, like waiting Christmas. Maybe I have felt that for snow outside, yes, Lithuanian Easter is with snow today. Some people have rolled the snow men, children played the snow war. Yes, the same as they did it at Christmas time.

What do you feel when the Easter comes?

I can not understand why my family looks so unhappy in this time. All that meal making and sitting together, I think it is the best way to be together cause we do not spend a lot of time like this. My grandparents, I love them and I think every minute when I can see them is valuable. I have just written this and came back in my family life.

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone… Be happy with your nearest and dearest, love them and believe that you are not alone. The spring is coming and the heart is singing and do not say nothing about the snow.

P.S. Sometimes I find that I need to know more… some quotes about us, us like persons with our special psychological feelings.


Good luck!


ImageHappy Easter to everyone!



Galvoje be galo daug minčių. Nėra laiko jų rikiuoti kita kalba.Reikia išleisti dabar. Išleisti ir pamiršti, nes tos mintys…jos labai vargina, nes jos sunkios, slegenčios ir truputį naikinančios gyvenimo džiaugsmus.

Pavydas ir baimė ir džiaugsmas, susimaišęs su nerimu. Jausmų daug. Visgi draugai. Visgi noriu visąlaik jiems tik gero, bet ar nori to paties man?

Kai savo savaitę dalini į darbą ir miegą ir supranti, kad miego lieka tik labai mažas procentas tos saviatės, nejučia pradedi savęs pašėlusiai gailėtis, leisti pinigus tarsi dovanojant sau taiką, perkant daiktus tarsi saknat ,,brangioji nepyk” pakiša sau… Skauda, bet sustoti jau nebegali, nes tas mazohizmas žaviai veža.

Nuogumas. Ne, tai ne savęs parodymas, tai kažkas kito, tarsi atsivėrimas pačiai sau, bet taip nenuoširdžiai, kad net kūnas manipuliuoja smegenimis.




We are the winners

Before two weeks my group and I started to be the part of the academy workshop. This workshop was to create/make the project of the public space near the Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras (National Kaunas Drama Theatre). We worked hard: firstly for idea second for great presentation and model. Different ages and experiences made some original decisions what we put in our presentation.

Yesterday, we have a really important presentation at National Kaunas Drama Theatre where we had to present our project to some specials and important persons. It was not easy to do it right cause we dis not spend enough time to make it well but everything was great and natural with some special features like expromts.

Today we have known that we are the winners and maybe Kaunas government will make this project in reality in our Freedome Avenue (Laisves aleja). What would be amazing:))

Some pictures form yesterday and, of course, our project…

If you wanna to know more about this project write comment and I will answer to you.

Have a nice day, mine today was brilliantImageImageImage

Photos by Mantas Gelūnas


Project: idea by 6, work by 2 –> (Monika Liočaitė ir Liudas Gedgaudas)


Flowers in people heads

Yes.. it sounds like freedom. I do not say that is not but in my life many things look different. You look first time and it is nice, second – it is nice too but third… after third time you will start to understand what you see and what you feel when you are looking at nothing important picture. Freedom? Still freedom? Or maybe silly thoughts? What do you see and feel when you are looking at this one? Your answers will create this story, thank you.Image