The wind

Her hair waved in the wind, he hunted her breath, which said that her life is difficult. She could not find the suitable words to describe a moment, in  reality, she did not look for them, just lived and swim in her private sea.  The rustling of hair was the sound which did not presure her. This feeling was like little spiders with soft legs were walking and titillating her cheeks.

He – the  wind. Independent, free but always comes back into her and embrace her. He can toutch her and after one word let her into the large and dangerous world without right path and right idea to believe in him.

She  was tired to choose the new direction, roads, and wanted a straight once but did  not know what.

She was increasingly distracted by the wind as he just played with her hair or blew under  clothes. The stripped patch of skin felt that his game, gave in and felt the pleasure of that…

– Will you return?

– Do you need this?… – she looked in the wind. – please do not tease me, you disappear as your kisses leave my cheeks and you will be the man who have not touched my lips. Without any doubts or excuses just the way that you are the wind. As  you can: to leave with passion in eyes and feeling in the heart. I am just one bent in this field as many others I am breathing and waiting you and your blowing into my weak neck. I always remember those unexpected moments when we could go together but you cought yourself’s ways. After all, you are the wind. I’m tired of catching you.

– When do you return in my life? If you leave me, would not feel guilty that you are bent and do not worth even the wind  kiss? the rusling, which calms my old skin… do you really think you are storng enough to be lonely?

– But what can I answer to you? I say, till I did not speak, did not hurt your gentleness, did not presure you with my all troubles and just waited when you as my owner touches my goose skinwait, did not say anything. ShShSh… I was … well … maybe it is time to think about me. Catch me if you can, prove that I looked at one another unexploded bent. Show me my way.

-Do you have it?

-And you… don’t silence me.

– You are not able to speak

– I can whisper…


Silently to say anything what the other knows but do not understand and read but not read or hear but not listen. To rustle and wait the wind in my home fields. His sudden appearance.Poignant or sweet. Just wait cause it is important for waiting meaning. Although this is exhausting …


Text is old from old my blog page and translate to English language


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