Light and easy

Eyes with a bit of dignity quickly broke down the desire to give up. Willing, that moment would last longer than it takes. A bit of music and somebody’s eyes the next. Dresses murmur and two hearts mix. The seer walls and other silent faces. Apathy and motion …

Bodies trying to catch dust and soul was looking for peace at that frenzy.

You sat on the couch. You saw, heard and probably even smelled my hot blood, if you in any way wanted it, to taste it.  To be swing up to the music and feel it inside me. I could be your music and give you a single sound, but … So far, your choice of sofa and a hermit look. Be part of your couch? Maybe.

Eyes followed the eyes of boyhood played, hands catching hands, bodies looking body. I was looking for you, but you were so close that I could not reach you. I tried the next day. And I’ll try to take some time, but not forever.



Light and easy.

Believe in me, to fly and live in easily. It is much easier than you think…


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