In dairy style

Yea… after the lovely holidays with family, long talking and making dishes when cousin talks about her friend and their baby, when I understood that I am not a child anymore, and what I have thought, I am 23 years old and do not have the any thoughts who I am. I am just living and making the happy life as I can.


Yes, I am a girl or a woman, who started to believe that one day she will meet the Daniel Radcliffee (oh, too much Harry Potter and too much memories from past…) But I really loved to talk with him and take some time near the tea. If I remembered well he likes the tea with milk. Of course, it was when he was  teenager and I am too. Now we are both adults and maybe everything was changed.


and… yes, I will  dream all this night Ryan Reynolds… those eyes.  I do not talk about his body, I think everybody knows  from movies that this man is in great fit.  I do not like men who look like heroes, it looks strange and unnaturally and it is the result of hard working at the gym.

I would like that the man gives me more time than the gym and his lovely body… cause body, it is like the house of our soul but it is not forever with us.

… from Christmas to Ryan Reynolds and the soul themes.. I am a great blogger, yea, right:D

However, I hope that everybody has have the great Christmas when you take photos with family members and put them on your fireplace or wall and can say that your family is the biggest your treasure and you are happy with or without Ryan Reynolds or Daniel Radcliffe cause you have them –  your family.

God bless you all:*



I do not rise my nose, I am just busy and people who think that I do, guys find time to do some more interesting than thinking about me, thanks:)