And them you smell that the history, new books and library smelling… hm it would be great to have freetime to go there and read little bit

Filling In The Blanks

Rummaging through the many URL’s that cross my path on a daily basis I found these gems. So its only right that I post an homage to the shelves around the world, stocked with rows upon rows of books. Wonder if my book Filling In The Blankshas made it to any of these shelves yet. Hmmm… Above is the University of Aberdeen Library, a 15,5000 sq. ft beauty. Below are a few others as well, via The Coolist. Feast your eyes on the incredible sights below…

Cathedral Book Store of Maastricht, Netherlands

Stuttgart City Library-Stuttgart, Germany

Book Mountain Library-Spijkenisse, Netherlands

Tama Art University Library-Tokyo

El Anteneo Grand Splendid-Buenos Aires

Vivraria De Vila-Sao Paulo

Liyuan Library-Beijing,China

A47 Mobile Library-Mexico City

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