Short story

A girl was walking near the river. Under the bridge she suddenly stopped. Some small as tears drops put on the pink coat and she remembered the man…

Short story.

Long talking.

What was lie , what was truth – nobody knows now. The river sings something very sad. It smalls whirlpools go around the stones. Summer sadness and summer madness, what the river can say more…

The pink coat, a black scarf and a black hat. The bridge as she sees it every day so today the bridge looks like other day – red with strong metal constructions a  little bit dirty as she feels now.  Her name was disappeared in the wind before 4 years, after he left her as another love story. Young and without any worries she kept in this life till now.

‘YES’… someone told her in back… ‘Your shoulders, dear, are too small to hold this heavy lie. You are too weak to be as strong as you would like to be near him, my child. Ruth… do not miss the chance to be free, left him in front of his life with his worries. YES…’

She knew it that her life tells her the right way but some piece of her just wanted to feel happiness in various than moral way ‘SORRY’

‘ He hold me, I hope’

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