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that emotion is pink

All the day was strange and I was feeling strange with it too. It was not my time. It is hard to explain.

Strange moment in my life. I do not feel the love. I do not have the love object, the man who would be in head every minute. And the same time I do not have the power to create or wanting to make something. I am empty of happiness and love… sad, you should say, but for real I am glad, it is crazy, cause I do not feel great without those things but it is okay. 


I live my life without a love object and I am free. My thoughts are free, however, I am in my minds cage.

Be free!

Imagethat emotion is pink, why? I do not know…

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Bill McMorrow

What was that? Do I have any superpowers?

Great question, intrepid reader. You constantly ask the best questions. That’s something I’ve always thought makes you stand out from the crowd. All those other people always ask stupid questions like, “Paper or plastic?”, or “Boxers or briefs?”, or “How do we obtain world peace in an ever increasingly violent global landscape?”.

But not you, you always ask the important questions. The in-depth queries, such as, “Do you have any superpowers?”, or “Are you going to finish that sandwich?”, or “Are you sure you’re going to finish that sandwich?”

To answer your question, no I do not have any superpowers. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t welcome them. I spend a considerable amount of time researching ways to acquire some. Literally minutes a day are spent on Google searches of this very nature. Nothing I have learned from these intense study…

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