I am Monika a young architect  and a freelance designer, who has a passion for process of creating.  I love to play piano and create some collages, to write short stories or poems.  Now I am making the design for http://www.letssandbox.com webpage and also working as an architect. I am a dreamer so usually I have a lot of strange thoughts and all forms of art is the perfect and probably the one way to feel free from all those silly or very obsessed thoughts.

The blog is one of the form, probably writing is one of the best form. You write it and forget about it and live your life again. Sometimes writing or creating, or making of something work in different way and show more possibilities from the hard situation.


So what you will find in my blog…

  • Some collages, they all are original and making with strange feelings.  Now some of them are sold or given as a present or just sent far far away for somebody who I have not known, but I wanted that he/she would have a piece of me.  Also some are published in magazines.
  • Poems or lyrics. Now I have the period then I can think in poem and I like it so much, so usually little bit after midnight I write down some lines, in afternoon – some music and later I have something like a song.
  • Quotes. I like to read books and pick up some nice lines or sometimes, when I just surf the internet, I find some motivated quotes by sophisticated and well known people. Also I do the same for www.letssandbox.com, so it is like my job and hobby together.
  • Texts. Simple, sometimes in anti-logical way, they are  waves from my head. What I can say, they are girly and looks like teenager’s unhappy love stories, I can not lie for myself. But they are true and from deep heart with strong emotions.
  • Songs… you can find them too…


Do not be shy! Maybe I am a right person, who can make the design of your visit card, webpage style, postcard, posters or… you know it better… please let me know it and contact with me by e-mail: monika.liocaite@gmail.com 

Some of my works are here: http://www.pinterest.com/monikaliocaite/ and my portfolio as an architect http://monikalio.blogspot.com/

Best luck to all of you.

See you!



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